APSi’s Approach

APSi approaches every client engagement as a “true” partnership. We believe a consulting firm should be more than an advisor.  Meaning, we put ourselves in position of the client and align our objectives with them and collaborate to increase the ability to dominate the project.  This MINDSET builds deep, sustainable solutions while fostering long-term relationships.

Establishing the right culture and customer approach is critical to delivering the right solution.  APSi Team Members go above and beyond applying their industry knowledge base, they make sure to transfer that knowledge to the client team in a way that reduces division and confusion internally.

We know that in order to maximize the potential of success we need to provide our expert advice in a way that applies to your mission, vision and values. This allows us to create rich relationships and help our partners improve their ROI within the project.

Orientation and

Armed with pre-engagement statistical knowledge, technical requirements, and fact-based research of the suggested solution–we begin the relationship identifying/assessing the client total need, clarifying the expectations (goals), and establishing the exact deliverable for the project.

Client Communications
and Milestone

After the initial orientation in the first phase of the process, APSi team will systematically convert the gathered information into milestones, value streams, measurable processes, and collaborative assignments with APSi and client assigned staff.

Action Planning and

Formally, APSi and the client will establish and design a mutual agreed project plan or action plan document.  Both parties will have 100% understanding of the focus areas and next step activities throughout the execution plan.  The client will green light the activities, budgets are in place, and staff will need to be finalized if necessary.

Staff Augmentation
and Training

Our project staff will work with the project team to identify, attract, place, or train the human capital necessary to deliver a high level of services on the project.  Based on the solution, APSi would either include a vendor management service providing assistance placing crews–or it could also include helping the client recruit and hire individual expertise.  Custom training solutions would also become an option based on the direction of the project plan.

Implementation and

This is the takeoff phase of the project.  Specific activities of the project plan begins.  Activities within this part of the process may or may not be led by APSi Consultants, but are part of the overall scope of the designed solution.  All personnel, technology and solutions are in place, training (if needed) has taken place and reporting has been added for the stakeholders.

Measuring, Monitoring,
and Closure

Activities are being completed, APSi is providing daily progress reporting and documentation, and client is measuring the compliance within the project.  This is where the progress is measured and assessed with the project plan and client acceptance.  Once the work is completed, APSi will review all of the deliverables and schedule project walks, closeout packages, or post project exit documents for closure.

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I engaged Scott and his company to perform UMTS and LTE adds for our clients. Certainly there was not a better selection to be made. Scott is knowledgeable, big picture oriented and a fine leader of men where his crews are concerned. I would highly recommend Scott and his company as a first line provider of telecom construction solutions.

Chris I.
Construction Manager, Peachtree Communications

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