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I engaged Scott and his company to perform UMTS and LTE adds for our clients. Certainly there was not a better selection to be made. Scott is knowledgeable, big picture oriented and a fine leader of men where his crews are concerned. I would highly recommend Scott and his company as a first line provider of telecom construction solutions.

Chris I.
Construction Manager, Peachtree Communications

APSi is a workforce service provider that specializes in assisting organizations with identifying and sourcing top rank talent while focusing on personnel training and developing the talent to deliver specialized skills for your specific business needs.  We also build customized programs to help our clients with resource blind spots in their talent pool.

Outside of providing career based services, APSi offers a wide range of workforce solutions from facility management, curriculum development, CBT coaching, community outreach, and bridging the gaps between employers and local programs to open up traditional and hidden job markets.

APSi works closely with Employment Security Commissions, Workforce Development Boards, and other community partners to help deliver innovative programs that focus on long-term success placing clients/students in high paying jobs upon graduation.  We place a high premium on the term “innovative” to offer services that are outside of the normal workforce solutions. Meaning, our programs will target high-demand areas that stimulate the economy and fill in the gaps in high demand markets.

APSi’s offers a team of expert recruiters, certified coaches, community specialist, business leaders/consultants whom all deliver services on a high level.  Our approach to every workforce development engagement is systematic and based on methodologies toward personal and professional improvement.  We offer more than just workforce solutions and career counseling–APSi targets each individuals potential and establishes a Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) approach to long-term success and on-demand breakthroughs.  Each team memeber is passionate about serving and our staff is dedicated to making every clients successful throughout the process.

Our workforce services include: 

  • Training
  • Recruiting and Placement
  • Program Management
  • Curriculum Development
  • Community Outreach / Corporate Sponsorships
  • Human Resources / Onboarding / Student Enrollment / Mentorship
  • Veteran Coaching / Armed Forces Recruitment
  • Career Counseling
  • Logistics
  • Job Fairs / Career Day / Marketing
  • Records Management


APSi Workforce Solutions


Workforce Solutions

Our renowned programs will:

  • Build strong partnerships in the community
  • Bridge the gap with local and national employers
  • Improve skill levels with students/clients
  • Deliver innovative high-demand training
  • Track progress/Coach & Mentor enrolled students
  • Reveal market trends and hidden job markets
  • Introduce new marketing plans & program exposure

APSi Program Benefits

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Programs designed to work closely with workforce boards, non-profits, and community leaders that meet or exceed expectations.

Customized Program Focused Areas

With a pedigree in staffing, APSi delivers training programs driven by employer and recruiter based insight.  Our courses are intensly researched and designed to give students the highest margin of success.  Meaning, we deliver courses and coaching solutions that improve the placement ratio and long-term sustainability for each graduate.

Each program APSi engages receives a holistic approach to workforce success.  Our team of certified and experienced level professionals are capable of designing best practice systems that begin with recruiting/intake, to marketing, all the way through post graduation mentorship.  We want our partners and students both to have a world class experience driven by people who care about social impact and willing to serve all demographics and learning abilities.

With team members who have experienced social, professional and business success–APSi opens up its arsenal of community partnerships.  We’ve developed close ties with professional atheletes, community leaders, and business partnerships throughout the U.S.  Our bandwith goes beyond our local market and extends to remote locations around the country bridging the gap between power players and innovative programs to ensure success for sponsors and graduates.

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