Vertex Business Accelerator System

In the Vertex Business System, our ultimate mission is to help you build a business that is profitable with sustainability.  World-class organizations are booming while achieving predictive outcomes.  Not every business can invest millions in hiring consulting firms to improve revenues and performance. Most small to mid-sized companies desperately need a systematic approach to business maturity to propel their growth to the next level.

That’s why our team was passionate about building the Vertex Business Accelerator  utilizing globally recognized business standards such as Baldrige Performance Excellence, Lean Sigma, Project Management Institute and our signature Kaizen Transformational tools to drive results for small to mid-sized clients.

Vertex Business System Accelerator Systematic approach and proven framework

Our Vertex Accelerator System is based on helping our clients build a holistic framework around their current and future organizational goals.  Meaning, our certified coaches will work closely with you from the assessment to obtaining your business goals, as the executive leadership masters the 7 Elements of the performance excellence model:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Workforce/Talent
  • Operations/Approach/Financing
  • Customer/Sales/Business Development
  • Measurement/Management &
  • Results

Throughout the engagement, you’ll begin to confidently utilize the tools for each element and master the skills necessary to lead your team, maximize your returns, set and obtain SMART goals, increase profit/revenues, and position your business to attrat contracts and funding for sustainable growth.

We also know that, over time, Systems like Vertex and Baldrige framework is not something extra that you do; it becomes the way you run your business every day.

To be honest and upfront.  Applying a systematic or performance based framework to your business is not a gimick, silver bullet, hack, hustle, or shortcut.  It’s an amazing entrepreneur philosophy of learning how to properly build your business and establish a culture that high performing professionals will be fighting to become a part of.

Client Specifi ProcessCustomized for small, medium and large business

The process for implementing the Vertex Accelerator System begins with an intense assessment.  This isn’t your ordinary survey in which you’re asked a few questions regarding your business.  Our indepth initial assessment is designed to provide two critical outcomes for you:

  1. Provide awareness to the leadership team of the performance gaps between their current business practice and a high performing culture.
  2. Identify elements that need attention immediately as you begin the journey to building amazing results for your business.

The next phase of the program is to establish strategies, working tools and measureable action items in which you’ll progress and master each week until it becomes a habit.  This is part of the evidence based results that you can expect as you integrate change within your organization.  We’ll measure key performance indicators set by your team for each element and build balanced scorecards so you can evaluate progress and make productive adjustments as your business moves forward in the maturity model.

Vertex System ApproachThe world most recognized business standards

Our approach to Performance Excellence is 100% results-driven. As we have established levels of performance criteria for various business stages–our standards for excellence continues to be the same.  We use a “Gameplan” philosophy when attacking your business needs.  This means every client engagement will have initial focus points to get started:

  • Establish vision and direction clarity
  • Immediately eliminate wasteful activity that’s been impeeding progress.
  • Quickly improve the process with measureable strategies and on going behavioral coaching.
  • Manage sustinability and performance within the first 90 days.

We’ve found that the majority of leaders and business environments need to experience positive change quickly in the program.  This establishes confidence, motivation, and ignites the fire for a Kaizen (incremental or continuous improvement) culture.  As the team realize how the systematic approach can benefit everyone (leaders, team, & client)–the participation improves which yields higher returns for the entire business.

Vertex Business Accelerator Systems is more than just a toolbox of goodies, its a distributed learning platform to facilitate skill development in areas that are necessary for success as your business expands its capabilites.

Applying the Vertex System and the Accelerator process has multiple benefits as your business culture improves:

  • Position the business for financial rewards and funding
  • Attract better talent and develop teams for success
  • Build amazing relationships with customers and your community
  • Showcase a systematic approach to building a viable, agile and sustainable business
  • Educates leadership on how to properly build a business that customers have confidence in
  • Increase your odds of winning and managing government and commercial contracts
  • Increase yor revenues/profits without overstating projections using proven tools and performance measurements
  • Allows your business to be more agile when adjustments are needed to improve your performance
  • Implements Lean strategies while eliminating wasteful activites and identifying new ways to become better each day
  • And lastly, it helps you understand how to improve your business instead of worrying how to make it through the next quarter…

How successful would you be if you had a coach on your team eliminating the challenges and errors your competitors are making daily on their own.  How strong would your business be, if you could learn how to “BUILD” your business for the future using globally recognized tools and framework?  Or, how much revenue could you capture if you just had someone to show you where, how, and when to approach the clients.

Your time is now and we are here to help you–so, don’t hessitate to schedule your FREE Strategy Session Call.  It doesn’t cost you a dime, all you have to do is click the schedule link and we’ll introduce you to financial, stress, and business freedom in just 45 minutes.

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