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As a leader in performance improvement, we are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve exceptional results through our proven Vertex Accelerator System.

What is the Vertex Accelerator System?

The Vertex System is a comprehensive framework modeled after multiple methods of performance standards and framework simplified to several key elements that create a measurable and repeatable results-driven approach to success.

Why Choose the Vertex Framework?

Our systematic approach to success is proven, easy to comprehend, implement and see results based on daily activities tailored to your needs.

What is our Framework Based On?
Strategic Alignment

Our Accelerator framework emphasizes having a strategic plan in alignment with your professional or personal goals, ensuring that every activity and decision is in line with the the  mission, vision, and goals.  This strategic focus helps businesses and professionals stay agile, result-driven and scalable for new growth.

Targeted to your Audience

Central to our accelerator approach is a commitment to your audience happiness.  By understanding your audience needs, expectations, and preferences, participants can deliver products and services that consistently meets or exceed expectations.

Kaizen Approach

The Vertex framework encourages a “Kaizen” culture of continuous improvement, where all activities are analyzed, optimized, and refined for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This results in reduced waste, increased productivity, and higher outputs.

Workforce Engagement

Engaged and empowered personnel take center stage in our framework.   By fostering a culture of performance, accountability, buy-in, collaboration, and innovation, participants can unleash the full potential of their team and drive sustainable results.

Measurable Results

The key strength of the Vertex Accelerator is its focus on processes with data-driven action steps. We collect and analyze performance data, leaders or individuals can identify trends, opportunities for improvement, and areas of performance, leading to tangible, measurable outcomes.


Accelerate your

What is the Vertex Accelerator Framework?

Our Vertex Accelerator Framework is a systematic approach designed for Businesses (Vertex Business Accelerator) and individuals (Vertex Professional Accelerator).  Both systems are designed to create an “Ecosystem” of strategic Elements that include daily activities to be measured.

Each of the Elements contain tailored activities aligned with your desired goals, mission and vision that drive performance, innovation and results.  The results provide a structured pathway for assessments, growth, and improved performance.

Activities assigned to each element are evaluated daily and stakeholders are able to make strategic decisions that allow continuous improvement and measurable growth that eliminate trial and error methods.


From your goals
To real results

The Accelerator Systems are far more than just a coaching program—it's a comprehensive framework designed to transform individuals and your entire business. Our system is designed to teach you how to continue the pathway to growth well beyond the coaching engagement.

Unlike traditional coaching and performance systems that focus solely on individual performance, we take a holistic approach to measurable/repeatable growth. We help our clients create a true "Ecosystem" that encompasses all facets of an organization (or individual), including leadership, strategy and finance, target audience, personnel, processes, and outcomes. By addressing these critical Elements our Certified Coaches are able to help our clients achieve repeatable levels of success.

Strategic Alignment and Goal Achievement

One of the key strengths of the Baldrige system is its emphasis on strategic alignment and goal achievement. It helps organizations align their strategies with their mission, vision, and values, ensuring that every action and decision supports overarching objectives. This strategic focus enables organizations to stay agile, responsive, and focused on achieving measurable results.

Phase 1Assessments

Understanding your true challenges and assessing your activities is the baseline foundation to change. Our team will help you identify "which" activities are producing and "what" activities need to be eliminated to see immediate growth.

Phase 2Coaching

Once your activities have been assessed, our team of coaches will be able to share ideas, opportunities and strategies that meet your financial capabilities, mission, vision and goals. These sessions are scheduled consistently to help you create new behaviors and implement result-driven action steps.

Phase 3Monitoring

Throughout the entire process, participants will see results while reviewing areas of improvement. Throughout the program, coaches will provide expertise, tools, strategies and introduce new resources to assist with integration and support new successes.

Phase 4Results

Throughout the entire system, participants will see immediate results ranging from revenues, new products/services, new clients, opportunities and more. Vertex Coaches will continue to serve as an executive partner throughout the journey monitoring growth and empowering confidence to repeat the success beyond the engagement.
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Centrally located to service customers worldwide.
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Connecting with our clients on various platforms.

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Copyright ©2024 | APSI. All rights reserved.